Flame Shroud
Flame Shroud
Flame Shroud
Flame Shroud

Flame Shroud

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Hood for pre-emergence flame weeding and stale seedbed preparation.

The Flame is a hood or shroud that simply clamps onto the torch head of any standard sized (see below for sizes) backpack flame weeder to convert it into a fast, efficient rolling bed flamer. Included is the stainless steel hood with an aluminum wheel and clamps for torch attachment.

The Flame Shroud

the simplest flame weeder solution

Bad for Weeds

Will Not Hurt the Soil Life

The Flame Explained

With Conor Crickmore

What is Needed?

The Flame

Flame Weeding Tips

with conor crickmore

Must Have

Squeeze Valve

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Flame Weeder Essentials

with conor crickmore

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