Colinear Hoe Narrow
Colinear Hoe Narrow
Colinear Hoe Narrow

Colinear Hoe Narrow

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Colinear hoe head for the Mutineer which is sold separately 

Mutineer head required for use and is not included.

This is the narrow 3.75" Colinear Hoe.

Conor Crickmore -"I think the colinear hoes, narrow and wide, work best as a set. I just hated having to carry both around. The mutineer solves this"

The user stands straight, using a thumbs-up grip, while a sharp, thin blade rides flat and collinear with the soil surface, slicing off weeds without throwing soil onto nearby seedlings. Ergonomic design makes weeding surprisingly enjoyable. Especially effective in and around low-lying crops such as head lettuce.

The Mutineer

The Last Hoe You Will Ever Need

One hoe to rule them all

Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe

A Head for Every Situation

Match Row Width to your Head

Wire Hoes


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Colinear Head

Gets Under Crops and Hoses

Close Cultivation

Torsion Heads

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The Rebellion

Toolbar for The Mutineer

lanolin Oil

Tool Maintenance

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Cleaning the Mutineer

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