Paperpot Dibbler
Paperpot Dibbler
Paperpot Dibbler

Paperpot Dibbler

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Coming End of May

Dibble for 264 cell paperpot. Manufactured by Neversink Farm. Unlike all other paperpot dibblers, this one is not glued. It is injection molded and thus stiff and not prone to breakage. 

The Subversive

Paperpot Transplanter Modernized


Price - It is one of the most important tools in reducing labor and time on the small farm that it was imperative to make it affordable so all farms can access its benefits.

Reliability - The subversive will work with 2", 4" and 6" chain pots equally well. The new chute design using unbreakable composite material makes sure pots are correctly planted every time.

Adaptability - The subversive quickly changes to a tight row transplanter so that farmers can plant 12 more rows on a 30" bed.

Transportability - Previous versions were bulky and awkward to carry around the farm. The subversive is perfectly balanced with the handle in the correct position.

Longevity - There is no steel sheet metal to warp and rust. The subversive is made of unbreakable composite, stainless steel, and powder coated steel pipe.

Optional Tight Planting Kit

Guide Wheels

Easily slide in to allow very tight planting.

Closing Wheels

Narrow closing wheel / plow kit (left side) allows 12 rows or tighter on a 30" bed (sold seperately)

Easy to Transport


Pull Handle Design

Reliable Results


Handle Choice

Classic Setup

Close to the Action Design

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