Trellis Wickets
Trellis Wickets
Trellis Wickets
Trellis Wickets

Trellis Wickets

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Wickets can be combined with any lower and lean system (Qlipr Hooks, Roller Hooks, Tomahooks, etc) to avoid the problematic "leaning" portion of the lower and lean method. Rather the tomato or cucumber vines are laid or layered on top of wickets. The vine never leans but is lowered and moved. This reduces unneccesary time and effort as well as stress on the plant, while keeping fruits and vines off the ground.

For 30 inch Bed you would use a 24" Wicket

For 40 inch Bed you would use a 34" Wicket

Hook and Wicket

Fast and Easy Trellising

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Hook and Wicket Trellising System

Trellising Improved


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"If your workers are on ladders or step stools when trellising then you are burning money" - Conor Crickmore

Labor Saving

High Efficiency

Hook and Wicket Explained

with conor crickmore

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