Winstrip - 128
Winstrip - 128
Winstrip - 128
Winstrip - 128

Winstrip - 128

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Cell Size - 1" width x 1.9" Depth

Cell Volume - 1.4 in³ (23 cc)

Tray Dimension - 19.6" x 9.75"

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10 Pack Shipping Weight and Dimensions

23 x 13 x 16 inches at 24 Pounds

How is it different?

Winstrip Trays

"Switching to Winstrip Trays had the biggest affect on my farm's production compared to all the changes we have made at Neversink over the years." -Conor Crickmore

The WInstrip Tray makes soil blocks obsolete. These trays bring all the benefits of soil blocks without any of the downside. 


  Air pruning

  Stronger Roots

  No Over watering

  Do not dry out as easily

  Better Plant Survival

  Healthier with Less Disease

  Fast to fill

Trays must be ordered in lots 

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We are manufacturing trays in more sizes but we have not released the dates

Winstrip® is a registered trademark of Neversink Tools

Air Pruning

Large bottom holes not only make it easy to remove starts but combine with the side slits to air prune the roots preventing root circling. Thus Transplants can be left longer in the tray if needed. Transplants are also healthier and grow quickly when transplanted.

Heavy Duty

Each tray weighs in at over 1.7 pounds. They stack and nest for easy storage. They are made with thick UV resistant plastic of the highest quality to last for many, many years. I have had mine for 10 years and they still work great.

Wind Strips

Winstrips open cell design allows more air which creates a healthier enviroment. Each cell has vertical air spaces and strips where air can flow around each cell. This creates healthy starts with much less disease.