Carabiner Tool Carry
Carabiner Tool Carry
Carabiner Tool Carry

Carabiner Tool Carry

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This carabiner is a great way to carry your Mutineer Heads into the field and keep them together. It can easily hang off a pocket or belt loop. Works with all the wire heads and colinears. No mutineer heads included.

Made of anodized aluminum.

Not for climbing

The Mutineer

The Last Hoe You Will Ever Need

One hoe to rule them all

Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe

A Head for Every Situation

Match Row Width to your Head

Wire Hoes


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Colinear Head

Gets Under Crops and Hoses

Close Cultivation

Torsion Heads

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The Rebellion

Toolbar for The Mutineer

Very Innovative

Farmer Wire Hoe Hacks

The Mutineer Explained

with conor crickmore


Videos on Cultivating

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The Mutineer system is patented in Canada and The United States