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Trellis Wicket Risers

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The hook and Wicket system was developed by Conor at Neversink Farm for small scale growers.

Wicket risers will heighten wickets by 10". They come in pairs, so a box of forty is forty pairs (or 80 individual risers)

Hook and Wicket

Fast and Easy Trellising

Hook and Wicket

This system was developed at Neversink Farm by adapting proven large scale systems for the small scale grower.

You can combine Wickets with any vine lowering system (Qlipr Hooks, Roller Hooks and TomaHooks) to convert a lower and lean system to The Hook and Wicket.

Leaning causes stress to the plant and your trellis support. Also the fruit just ends up on the ground anyway.

When you incorporate wickets, leaning is unnecessary and trellising is much easier and faster. Your tomatoes are off the ground and easy to harvest.


Hook and Wicket

Selecting Your Hook Length

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You are seeking a good working height where you are not reaching or bending over too much. Your height and personal preference can influence your choice. Our chart should be used as a general guide.

Hook and Wicket | QLIPR | How long of a hook | What Size Hook | Cucumber

Hook length is based on the distance from the ground to your trellsing support wire or pipe. Use the chart to find the ideal hook for your situation.

"If your workers are on ladders or step stools when trellising then you are burning money" - Conor Crickmore

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Labor Saving

High Efficiency

Hook and Wicket Explained

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