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Iconoclast Lever Bolt

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Replacement part for Iconoclast or Iconoclast Pro

The Iconoclast

Essential Market Farm Tool for Managing Beds

The Iconoclast is a crucial part of living soil farm systems

The Iconoclast is used in minimal till operations to smooth the top 1/2" to 1 1/2" of soil before seeding or transplanting. 

Great for smoothing and breaking up added compost, leaving your initial beds' soil undisturbed. 

It can also be used to incorporate amendments like calcium or potassium into the first inch of your growing bed to maintain healthy living soil and significantly speed up your soil balancing efforts.

After killing the last crop with tarping, The Iconoclast can incorporate the rotten residue to feed the life of the soil.

The Iconoclast is unable to invert soil layers, and thus it maintains the living soil profile.

When combined with a solar panel, The Iconoclast can be a central part of a carbon neutral regenerative farm.

Innovative Trigger System

Iconoclast Pro Tilther Features

Extremely easy to maintain with only four bolts to take apart the head unit

Throttle cable to effortlessly drive the drill at any speed

Rubber grips for comfort

Lighter Weight (21 lbs) and a Shoulder Strap to easily carry The Iconoclast around the garden or farm

Lever Bolt to change handle angle quickly without the need for tools

Entire unit beefed up to meet the demands of daily work while weight has been reduced.

Smooth beds without ridges - no need for a bed roller

Unbreakable composite that is guaranteed.

Hardened steel tines and shaft for many years of use

Priced economically so that farms could afford duplicates

For use with soil only, not rocks, and is not for primary tillage. 

Quick Handle Turning

Great for Hoop House Side Rows
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Drill Not Included


Easy to Transport

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The Iconoclast

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