Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper
Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper
Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper
Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper
Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper

Winstrip® Mini Wini Dibbler / Plug Popper

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Mini Wini Dibbler / Popper

Used to dibble the cells creating a dimple to place the seed in the soil. This places the seed centered and in a place where it can be covered with soil easily.

Same device can be used as a plug popper to pop out seedlings from below.

For use with Mini Wini® trays. 

Winstrip® Tray

The Air Pruning Tray

Winstrip® is a registered trademark of Neversink Tools

Made in the USA from food grade BPA-free recycled plastic

Mixed Pallets

Choose "Mixed Pallet" and "400 Tray Pallet" to order this option. After you order, contact us to let us know what combination of trays, in units of ten, you want as part of the 400 total. Any combination in units of ten is fine with us.

Contact us for pricing if ordering 1200 trays or more.

Pallets ship free up to $500, terms and conditions apply.

What is it?

Air Pruning

Built to Far Exceed the Demands of Farmers and Gardeners

three years

Against Breakage

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Winstrip Trays

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History of The Winstrip® Tray

How is it different?

Winstrip® Trays

"Switching to Winstrip Trays had the biggest affect on my farm's production compared to all the changes we have made at Neversink over the years." -Conor Crickmore

The Winstrip Tray makes soil blocks obsolete. These trays bring all the benefits of soil blocks without any of the downside. 


  Air pruning

  Stronger Roots

  No Over watering

  Do not dry out as easily

  Better Plant Survival

  Healthier with Less Disease

  Air Circulation Around Cells

  Fast to fill

Air Pruning

The Large Wintrip Shape that extend across the bottom of the cell not only make it easy to remove starts but air prune the roots preventing root circling. Thus Transplants can be left longer in the tray if needed. Transplants are also healthier and grow quickly when transplanted.

Heavy Duty

Each tray weighs in at over 1.7 pounds. They stack and nest for easy storage. They are made with thick UV resistant plastic of the highest quality to last for many, many years. I have had mine for 10 years and they still work great.

Open Cell

Winstrips open cell design allows more air which creates a healthier environment. Each cell has vertical air spaces and strips where air can flow around each cell. More importantly these slits extend all the way to the bottom corners of the cell. This creates healthy starts with much less disease.

Filling a Winstrip Tray

Bottom Trays?

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Conor's Tip

What size tray to use?

50 - Tomato, Cucumber, Artichoke, Squash, Eggplant, Pepper, Melon, Pumpkins

72 - Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprout, Bean, Cauliflower, Kale, Chard, Collards, Corn, Parsley

128 - Lettuce Head, Beet, Celery, Bok Choy, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Leek, Onion, Pea, Basil, Scallion

200 and 288 - Are great space savers as they take up very little space on your tables or in the germination chamber. Perfect for poor germinating varieties before potting on.

Best Trays Available

Healthy and Fast

Best Trays Available

Comparison with other Injection Molded Trays

Tray Dimensions

50 Cell Tray

Cell Size - 1.6" width x 2.72" Depth
Cell Volume - 6 in³ (98 cc)
Tray Volume - 4.916 liters
Tray Dimension - 19.6" x 9.75"

72 Cell Tray

Cell Size - 1.3" width x 2.3" Depth
Cell Volume - 3.4 in³ (55 cc)
Tray Volume - 1.06 liters
Tray Dimension - 19.88" x 9.9"

128 Cell Tray

Cell Size - 1" width x 1.9" Depth
Cell Volume - 1.4 in³ (23 cc)
Tray Volume - .776 liters
Tray Dimension - 19.6" x 9.75"

200 Cell Tray

Cell Size - .9" width x 1.6" Depth
Cell Volume - 1.25 in³ (20 cc)
Tray Volume - .620 liters
Tray Dimension - 19.6" x 9.75"

288 Cell Tray

Cell Size - .72" width x 1.2" Depth
Cell Volume - .5 in³ (8.2 cc)
Tray Volume - .285 liters
Tray Dimension - 19.6" x 9.75"