Inferno Stainless Tube - Ships Separately

Inferno Stainless Tube - Ships Separately

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Small Scale Flame Weeding

"I love using it at Four Season Farm" -Clara Coleman

Clamps for torch attachment included. Tank, torch, & backpack not included. 

I recommend any comfortable backpack that you already have.

100k Torch   /  400k Torch  /  Tank  / Squeeze Handle

Adjustable Regulator found here (will also need 1/4" brass nipple)

The Flame has an all stainless steel hood to concentrate and distribute heat evenly, reduce fuel usage, and prevent burning nearby plants and greenhouse plastic. Balanced by a roller to maintain optimum height above the soil and take weight off the operator’s arms. Conveniently just over 15’ wide, for one pass down and one pass back on a 30” bed. It is light and easy to transport. Perfect for indoor and outdoor flaming. Includes two clamps and fits a 2" to 2.5” torch head. 100k btu to 400k btu. 

All stainless and aluminum construction means it will last for generations.

Without the adjustable regulator then I recommend using the 2" 100,000 btu torch 

With the adjustable regulator then I recommend using the 2.5" 400,000 btu torch

Warranty voided if used without regulator

We warrant this product against defects for one year from purchase. This warranty is voided when-Flame is used for anything other than flame weeding-Flame is used without a regulator-Flame is used without a squeeze handle-Flame hood temperature is allowed to Exceed 800F (weeds are killed at 160F)

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