Neversink Hoop House Models


Season extension is key to high production and Conor has spent a decade perfecting a grow house that demands minimal management with maximum production. Can be used for quick harvest crops or trellised crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.


The ultimate Propagation house to create consistent, fast, and healthy starts. The Start house is the heart and factory of the farm, so if it is not running well then the rest of your production suffers.


The key to making money with movable hoop houses is that they move fast. The run has been designed just for that purpose. At Neversink the house can move from one spot to the next in less than 20 minutes.

BUILD Course is free with houses and upgrades

All Neversink Houses and Upgrade Kits come with;

--5% off Total Purchase Price with Discount Code N3V3RSNKHSE

--The Hoop House Build Course (4 hours) FREE for one year, $450 value

--The Designing Hoop Houses Course FREE for one year, $250 value

--Conor will look over your final design and make written suggestions based on your intended use and location

Special Additional Bonus Courses for certain models

—The Grow - Season Extension Course

—The Grow with Heat - Indoor Tomato Course

—The Run - Season Extension Course that includes lessons on movable tunnel growing

— The Start - The Propagation Course

This Spring

Available from Rimol

Grow and Start - standard

Poly-carbonate End and Knee Walls

The Neversink Grow

Hoop house for extending the season and improving the crop

grow - standrad

Ultimate Sidewalls



The Neversink Start

Propagation house to grow out seedlings

start - standard

Tray Cart Monorail

start - Standrad

Tables for Airflow and Maximum Production



The Neversink Run

A move-able tunnel on tracks to extend the growing area

start - standrad


start - standard

Superior Anchoring