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Neversink Farm's success is driven by ingenuity and efficiency. Conor Crickmore has taken those ideas and is making them available to farmers and gardeners around the world through courses and tools.

The last hoe you'll ever need

The Mutineer

With the Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe System*, you need only one handle. Just carry the heads you need into the field with you. Developed through a collaboration between Eliot Coleman and Conor Crickmore. *Patent Pending

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The Neversink Flame

Killing Weeds

Get rid of weeds in your garden, farm or hoop house with the lightest, most versatile flame weeder available.

The Flame

Bring your
Farm to Life

What Course Members are Saying

Great value for the money...The Task Tickets and Cheat Sheets are Brilliant - More Please!


 I am a member of the Neversink Course and am loving it!


I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks for putting together such an amazing course. The info provided has and will continue to fundamentally change our family farm


My questions are always addressed so quickly and thoroughly!!


I know that incorporating his systems will help me eliminate painful wastes of time so I have more time to plant.


This course is amazing! It’s not just changing how I farm but how I organize my life. Thank you!


I really enjoyed this online course, so convenient for us as we are far away, tons of great information and really nice to share with other members


Thank you, the best $$$$ I ever spent


A wealth of information on how to systematize the processes that it takes to make a productive farm.


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