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LowCat™ Tunnel Kit
LowCat | Low Tunnel | Caterpillar | Row Cover
LowCat™ Tunnel Kit

LowCat™ Tunnel Kit

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The LowCat™ are premium heavy duty low tunnel hoops for getting an early start in the field or providing extra protection while winter growing inside a hoop house. Crop protection for a fraction of the price of high tunnels. Quick and easy setup. Extremely easy to move and store multiple times per season.

Shock cord holds covering up to allow for venting and harvesting.

Recommended spacing of hoops is 5' to 10'.

Kit consists of Carry Bag, Cover Stakes, Uprights, Top Bar, and Shock Cord. Two Cover U-Stakes and One Carry Bag per 11 hoops are included. Row cover, poly, shade cloth, or insect netting is all that is needed. 

We recommend a shoulder strap and carabiner sold separately to carry the bag and leave your hands free during setup.

For Hoop sizes and Covering Width recommendations, see chart on bottom of this page. 

The LowCat™

Caterpillar Low Tunnel

Heavy Duty

Professional Quality


Works with all Coverings

Tunnel can be covered with

  • Clear poly
  • Insect netting
  • Shade Cloth
  • Row cover

Coverings can be combined and layered.

See chart at bottom of page.

LowCat Advantages

  • The LowCat's unique design makes it easy to move around the farm and extremely fast to setup.
  • There are no bulky and awkward hoops to carry around.
  • It is self tightening so coverings stays taut making for a better look and better protection from the wind. 
  • The Arch is stainless steel which will not rust.
  • Many coverings can be layered and combined.
  • Using a riser, The LowCat height can be extended for taller crops.
  • It is made by us at Neversink Tools HQ in TN.
  • Buying direct from the manufacturer means that you get much better value for your dollar than other options.

Easy to Install and Carry

The only low tunnel where you need not carry hoops.

The LowCat bag keeps your hands free during set up and holds 100' of tunnel. Easy to store and carry.

Raise and Lower Sides

Harvest and Vent the LowCat with ease. Sides slide up or down and stay in place. Perfect for the high production small scale market farm.

Extra Secured Cover

Unique to the LowCat, you have the option of slipping the covering over the bottom ring which provides even stronger holding against high wind. It also holds the covering taut to the ground to prevent intrusion by wind or insects.

LowCat Perforated Poly Covering | Low Tunnel

High WInd Resistance

Coverings Stay Tight

rust free

Stainless Arch

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