Gridder Master Kit | Rolling Dibbler
Gridder Master Kit | Rolling Dibbler
Gridder Master Kit
Gridder Master Kit

Gridder Master Kit

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The Master Kit provides the spools that will cover pretty much every hand transplanted crop on the market farm. The set includes a handle, 2x2, 3x3, and a 4x4 spool. Handle has a built-in bed marker to easily center grid on a 30" bed.

Minimal assembly required as the spools are shipped flat and the handle is shipped in two parts.

The Gridder

Pllanting made easy

created by conor crickmore

The Gridder

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Plant Spacing

Even and straight plantings are more productive and easier to cultivate.

The gridder creates perfect, evenly spaced plantings on a 30" bed. Not recommended for beds which are not 30"

To figure out standard plant spacing, you need only divide the bed by the number of rows. The calculation is 30” bed /2 rows = 15” . Thus a 2x2 spool spaces plantings 15” apart in the bed which is the correct and only even spacing for 2 rows on a 30” bed. Thus a 2x2 spool is 15" wide. Obviously in-row spacing and row spacing are identical for even plantings.

You can now figure out any spacing, but doing the calculation is completely unnecessary as the Gridder will perfectly space your plantings.

If that is unclear, then the "Plant Spacing" video below should help to clarify. 

Gridder Spacing


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The Gridder Explained

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The Gridder

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